About Universidade Lusíada Porto

The University Lusíada of Oporto is located in the beautiful part of the city. It is based in an old farm and offers a very pleasant campus, where the gardens with their flowers and old trees create a wonderfully inspiring environment.


The campus measures ​​approximately 7ha and includes 16 buildings that host the teaching, research and administration. Moreover, a campus-wide wireless network is provides, facilitating the mobility of student and staff around the University. The University consists of classrooms, laboratories, an exhibition hall and 7 auditorium (one with 700 seats, with a capacity of 180 seats, four with 100 seats and another 80 seats, all equipped with the most modern information technology and communication), a library, a Computer Centre, a Postgraduate Institute, two buildings for administrative activities, buildings and rooms for student activities (ie Academic Association and a number of student groups, dedicated to cultural activities), a canteen, two bars, a medical office, a bookstore, and more. Besides this, and for the convenience of our professors, students and staff, the University Lusíada of Oporto, offers two parking facilities with a capacity of about one thousand cars.


Currently, the University offers a wide range of subject areas. These include 11 taught undergraduate courses, including Architecture, Industrial Design, Law, Criminology, Solicitors, International Relations, Economics, Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Marketing and Psychology. Furthermore, several PhD, Masters, Specialisation, Postgraduate and MBA courses covering the most diverse scientific areas, are run by the University.


The University Lusíada of Oporto is living and growing organism, which was renewed by the arrival of new generations of students and researchers. Over the last two decades, the University has matured further, continuing on a promising path into the future.